Koi Naturals - Lemon Lime - 500mg

Discover the difference with Koi PRIZM® proprietary CBD oil blends.

A tangy burst of natural citrus flavors. Blending 100% natural lemon and lime flavors with Koi PRIZM® full-spectrum CBD blend, Koi Naturals Lemon-Lime provides the incredible benefits of cannabinoids and 13 distinct terpenes with the sweet and tart citrus flavors.

• Certified Vegan
• THC Free
• Solvent Free
• Pesticides Free
• Lab Certified
• 100% Natural - no artificial flavorings, only the bare essentials

Ingredients: Koi PRIZM® full-spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, and natural lemon and lime extracts.

Suggested Use: Take one full dropper (approximately 1mL) 1-3 times per day, or as needed. Drop and hold underneath the tongue for 15-20 seconds before swallowing. Wait three hours after initial (first time) use to see how the strength level of CBD may affect you.



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